ECONOMICS: We aren’t rich, mummy. We are medium.

10 10 2014

(Dialogue with Luna, age 5)

– We aren’t rich mummy.
– Oh no? how can you be so sure?
– Well first of all, we don’t have gold around everywhere in our house and I don’t have a million gowns or anything like that hanging in my closet. Also, we are very nice to people.
– And if we were rich we wouldn’t be nice to people?
– No, we wouldn’t. Rich people aren’t usually very nice. They are rude usually because they are spoiled.
– Huh. Where did you hear that? Or do you know some rude rich people?
– No, I know this because, you see, if you have everything you want already, you don’t have to be nice to people anymore to get things you want. Because you already have EVERYTHING.
– Are YOU only nice to people because you want to get something from them?
– No. But that’s because I’m not rich. I’m medium. We’re medium–we’re not rich or poor. If we were poor–are you listening mummy? If I were poor I would HAVE to be nice to everyone, all the time. Because I would need to be helped by people. Poor people have to be extra, REALLY extra nice to other people, especially rich people, otherwise they may be stuck forever being poor. Sleeping on the street. You see what I mean?