GOVERNANCE: what do you mean continents don’t have flags?

16 10 2014

– That’s the Greek Flag, says Luna confidently pointing upward to a flag outside our local souvlaki joint. Want to have a competition about who knows more flags? – Luna (age 5)

– Ok.

– The MEXICAN flag is Green, White and Red. The British and American flags are both Blue, Red and White, but in a different way. America has stars. Bolivia has Red, Yellow and Green–does any other country have the same colours?

– Let me think. Well, Jamaica does.

– What about Africa? What’s the African flag like?

– Well Africa is a continent, not a country. There are many countries-many flags in Africa.

– What do you mean? Continents don’t have flags?

– No, I guess they don’t.

– What about the world? What’s the world flag?

– I’ll have to think about that one. Lets chat about it later.

– Okay because we need a flag to put on our moon castle.

[how about this for a flag?]








Click images to see as Earth’s first emissary into space, is carrying a gold plaque that describes what we look like, where we are, and the date when the mission began.