Reimagining EDUCATION

5 11 2014

An education is a labour of love. It is developing a longing, developing a want to feed an aching hunger of curiosity. An education is the empowerment of the self—in spirit, mind and body—and the self in relation to her environment. An education means attaining wisdom; the wisdom to survive and the wisdom to sustain; mostly, the wisdom to be humbled by mystery—by all those questions our society has yet to find answers to. An education is about reinforcing free will, the will to act and to change, the will to improve the world we live in. An education should liberate the mind, develop the confidence to draw inside as well as outside those lines that contain us. Learning to read, to calculate, to draw, to remember the past, these are ultimately only tools to help children communicate. These skills alone is not what makes for an educated child. An educated child is the child with the most questions, the child with an insatiable appetite for exploration, a child that pushes the boundaries around them in pursuit of a greater truth — a greater truth than that which has already been taught to them.