Jesus is dead!?

19 12 2010

It is 5 days before xmas. P is 4 years and 1 month. We are taking a cab home after seeing a live filming of the Bolshoi Ballet’s Nutcracker at the Gate cinema in Notting Hill.

P asks me:

– Who’s birthday is coming up next?

– Jesus’s birthday.

– Baby Jesus’s birthday?

– Yes. On Christmas Eve we celebrate Jesus’ birthday. Its a birthday party where we all get presents and give presents for being good like Jesus was.

– But I don’t know Jesus? Can we go see Jesus at Jesus’ house?

– Well sort of, we can go see Jesus at church? We will go to church on Christmas Eve.

– At church? What’s church?

– Its a special house where we celebrate Jesus’ life and Jesus’s magic.

– Jesus’ magic?

– Yes, Jesus had magic because he was so good.

– Can I see Jesus?

– No, but you can imagine Jesus.

– But I want to see Jesus. Where is he?

– Well he died a very long time ago.

– He died???!!!! Why did he die???!!!

– Because it was his time to die. But he is in heaven now with all the angels, high up in the sky, dancing and flying around the clouds, looking down on us to make sure that we are all okay.

– His time to die? Did he fall and hurt himself and die? Where did her die, mummy?

– No he didn’t fall. He died on a cross.

– A cross? Like an “X”?

– Yes, but I will tell you all about how he died another day. What is most important is how he lived, because he was a very special person who only wanted to give, to make other people happy, to teach people not to fight, to teach people to share and be kind to one another. This gave him special powers–he was so good that he could make sick people feel better and-

– Could he make dying people be alive?

– Yes, I suppose he could sometimes.

– Because he had magic? because he was good?

– Yes, I suppose.

– Will I die like Jesus? Because I am good, mummy. Will I die?

– Yes, everyone dies one day.

– When?

– We don’t know exactly when we will die, but it wont be for a long time I imagine. And we all have magic when we die, that’s when we get to fly up in the sky like angels.

– Oh.
Cab pulls over. We get out. She is quiet and I am worried that she might be scared, that I might have said something wrong.

– Are you scared, P?

– No. Look Mami, its the moon! Its not a half moon–it’s a whole moon!
The moon was amazing, perfectly round in a clear sky and there was snow all around us.



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