Eros @ the Met

7 04 2013

sleeping eros so i am not quite sure if it was a dream

but i’m pretty sure i made love to the empire state building this past weekend

it was all about LOVE in NY for me and there is nothing better than going to a city wearing a pair of love sunglasses

all i could see was love, everywhere

in every direction

in every gesture

every expression

between that

and the crazy energy of the city (including beloved brooklyn)

the smell of spring

the tequila & mezcal craze that has swept over the city

the fact that little Eros was on display at the Met

the gorgeous mamas i had the privilege of interviewing

it was a serious love-in for which i am extremely grateful:
what is LOVE? what purpose does LOVE serve? what are the types of LOVE that we experience? is LOVE innate? are our children all born with the same capacity for LOVE?  who’s LOVE–what rules of LOVE–do our children abide by? do children come equipped with their own set of rules around LOVE or is everything they understand about LOVE that which they learn from us? how much of our child’s expression of LOVE is inhibited by the props, script and storyline around LOVE that we grown-ups prescribe for them? do we grown-ups adhere to the same rules around LOVE that we teach our children, or do we contradict our own rhetoric? what do our children teach us about our capacity for LOVE? 

a fabulous 4 days

a whirlwind of no sleep

only one long lucid dream

of only love

thank you NY



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