tooth-fairy is missing in action

5 06 2013

Something has happened to the tooth fairy. Perhaps you can help.

She was meant to come last night, after the dramatic departure of Tooth No.4, but she never showed up.

We think she may have lost her way.

Either that, or maybe her wing got caught in a thorn bush somewhere?

She might have crashed into our window and fainted–although given how dirty our windows are, Philomena thinks this is highly unlikely.

Depending on where the tooth-fairy was coming from, she might have been delayed by a snow storm (while snow-fairies have wings that work despite freezing temperatures, tooth-fairies do not).

It all really depends on where she was coming from. It might have simply been too long a journey for her and she will make it by tonight.

The fairy who came to collect Philomena’s Tooth No. 3 (a few days ago) flew all the way from Guatemala leaving 50 Quetzales under her pillow. A few months earlier a fairy took Tooth No.2 away leaving behind a “five-Yen” coin (in Japan it’s common to insert a five-yen coin into a new wallet before inserting any other money). The first fairy to ever visit us came from Mozambique — she gave Philomena 100 Meticais.

If the tooth-fairy did make it to our house there is a chance that she became confused  about which tooth-box to look in. Last night (after giving it a great deal of thought), Philomena decided to use a new tooth-box. She used the old tooth-box to prop open the window to her bedroom. It’s quite possible that the fairy thought her tooth was inside the old box in the window sill but wouldn’t have had the strength to lift the window and pull the box out to check. We suspect she is highly annoyed if she came all this way and was unable to collect the tooth she was looking for.

In any case, we are currently drafting a letter to the tooth-fairy community to understand a bit better what may have happened last night. If you have any experience with this or thoughts about the fairy’s whereabouts please do let me know.

Thanks. xx






3 responses

5 06 2013

Have you checked whether the toothfairy left a BitCoin?

5 06 2013
Monica wessels

Dear Niki, this a great story for a kids book. Do find an illustrator a write the book. Monica

7 06 2013
The Toothfairy Doesn't Exist Mom! | Shh!! Momma's Writing!

[…] tooth-fairy is missing in action […]

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