too bad you and papi can’t decide to have another baby

17 08 2013


Luna:  mummy too bad you and papi can’t decide to have another baby
Mummy:  what do you mean ‘we can’t decide’?
Luna:  because God decides not you
Mummy:  oh I see
Luna:  yea too bad. because now I decided that I actually want a little sister instead of a little brother
Mummy:  really — how come?
Luna:  I want to be able to play with a little sister without my big sister always being the boss
Mummy:  wouldn’t you still be the boss whether it was a boy or a girl?
Luna:  yea, I would be the boss but I’m not sure my brother would want to play the same games I want to play
Mummy:  well maybe you would learn some new games to play with him… I think he would enjoy lots of your games too
Luna:  yea. okay. anyway, it’s really okay. it doesn’t matter.  we just have to wait for God to decide and there is NOTHING we can do  about it! aaaggghhh. (she says shaking her head — hands waving in the air)



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21 08 2013
Kylie Richardson

The wisdom of children! Xx

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29 08 2013


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