In LOVE with Mary Midgley

24 03 2014

“The trouble with human beings is not really that they love themselves too much; they ought to love themselves more. The trouble is simply that they don’t love others enough” – Mary Midgley (one of our wisest living philosophers)

Mary is a mother of three and so much of what she writes about resonates with me–particularly her confidence in humanity, the emphasis she places on the importance of seeing the world from multiple (non-judgemental) perspectives and her concern that overspecialisation is a handicap to our human capacity for thought.

But one my favourite of all the things she said is: “I wrote no books until I was a good 50, and I’m jolly glad because I didn’t know what I thought before then.” 

At 94-years of age, Mary just published her 15th book, Are you an Illusion? (FT review here:





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