LOVE is how the LIGHT gets in

26 03 2014

all of these artists will all be performing here:

Mr. Scruff also sells tea. Proceeds go to charity. Check it out.


“Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori”

The poem from which the line comes exhorts Roman citizens to develop martial prowess such that the enemies of Rome will be too terrified to resist them. In John Conington‘s translation, the relevant passage reads:

To suffer hardness with good cheer,
In sternest school of warfare bred,
Our youth should learn; let steed and spear
Make him one day the Parthian’s dread;
Cold skies, keen perils, brace his life.
Methinks I see from rampired town
Some battling tyrant’s matron wife,
Some maiden, look in terror down,—
“Ah, my dear lord, untrain’d in war!
O tempt not the infuriate mood
Of that fell lion I see! from far
He plunges through a tide of blood!”
What joy, for fatherland to die!
Death’s darts e’en flying feet o’ertake,
Nor spare a recreant chivalry,
A back that cowers, or loins that quake.

(thank you wikipedia for always being there for me when i need you)


Afro-Beat Collective, explores the need and importance of exploring for the sake of exploring…”The objective is to to create music derived from a deliberate intention to transmit a message of determination, substance and, most importantly, Unity. To see music as One World, a musical space that transcends and breaks free from styles and any kind of sound that compromises the skills of the musicians playing and the importance of musicianship or group collaboration and expression.” – HENRY COLE & AFROBEAT COLLECTIVE




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