Mothers Day

30 03 2014
– Mummy, I woke up this morning and felt very sad that you weren’t here. That you were so far away.
– I woke up sad this morning too. I miss you very much.
– It feels like you have been gone for 15 days or even more. But it’s only been three days.
– I know. Sometimes time feels like that. Sometimes the shortest amount of time going by can still feel like an  eternity. I’ll be back home very soon. 
– I love you.
-I love you. 

Apparently today a Double Black Moon is meant to appear in the night sky. Note that there is no scientific evidence of this moon-event but I have become obsessed with all things mystical around the moon given that my daughter’s name is Luna.  The double lunation occurs every two and a half to three years and is associated with higher consciousness, hidden wisdom, the deepening of communication with the angelic, fairy and spiritual realms.

Some believe the wishes you make on a double black moon come true. So I’ve been thinking long and hard about what I wish today. And what I wish–above all else–is to be the best mother possible to my gorgeous daughters. To love them, cherish them, to deepen my communication with them, to reach a higher consciousness with them and to live together with them in all things magical.

I dedicate this short film to Philomena and Luna. My greatest loves. I love you all the way to the moon–across the moon and back.

Moonwalk –










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