Who was the FIRST mommy?

14 04 2014

(conversation with Luna- age 5, Philomena- age 7)

Luna – Who was the first mommy?
Philomena- Adam and Eve were the first people. Everyone knows that.
Luna – But who was the first mommy?
Mommy- It’s a bit of a mystery isn’t it girls?
Philomena – The mystery is GOD.  

A few moments later…

Philomena – But Adam and Eve were the first people right Mommy?
Mommy – There are many stories that tell us that Adam and Eve were the first people. These stories are celebrated across many of our world’s religions–Christians, Jews, Muslims and Hindus–Hindu’s call the first man, Manu and first woman, Shatrupa though. Adam and Eve are beautiful symbols of love and creation.
Philomena – And they teach us that we are all one family–that we are all sisters and brothers, so you are my sister and my mommy, right mommy?
Mommy – How’d you get to be so clever, Philomena? Yes, I’m your mommy and your sister. I love you.   
At first I couldn’t make out what I was made for, but now I think it was to search out the secrets of this wonderful world and be happy and thank the Giver of it all for devising it. I think there are many things to learn yet—I hope so; and by economizing and not hurrying too fast I think they will last weeks and weeks. I hope so. – Eve

(Eve’s Diary, Complete by Mark Twain, first published in the 1905 Christmas issue of Harper’s Bazar. See full text with illustrations by Lester Ralph here: http://www.gutenberg.org/files/8525/8525-h/8525-h.htm
The book was written as a love letter to Mark Twain’s wife Livy who died just before the story was written. Mark Twain is quoted as saying, “Eve’s Diary is finished — I’ve been waiting for her to speak, but she doesn’t say anything more.” The story ends with Adam’s speaking at Eve’s grave, “Wherever she was, there was Eden.”

adam and eve



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