Glimpses of Higher Truth

24 04 2014

It is written, “As the sun and its sheath, [so are the divine names] Havayah-Elokim” (Psalms 84:12).  God desired that the infinite light with which he creates the world (Havayah) should be sheathed and concealed within the definitive laws and patterns of nature (Elokim). . . . But seeing that the world could not endure an absolute concealment, God allowed glimmers of His infinite light to be glimpsed through the sheath. These glimmers are the souls of the righteous and the miracles recounted in the Torah. —Shaar Hayichud Veha’emunah (lessons in Tanya)

Since 1998, and after having experimented with various creative forms to highlight the relationship between art and science, TOBIA RAVA’ has been carrying out research into the mystic elements of Hebraism, ranging from the Kabbalah to Chassidism, suggesting a new symbolic approach through the infinite possibilities of numerical combinations. His research should in no way be seen as a reduction of mystic to mystery or esoterics but instead as a visualisation of a deep awareness that mystical theology, according to Plato’s definition and to its original, authentic meaning, signifies wisdom and knowledge of that which is universal. []

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