anthropocene enlightenment

2 11 2016

we live in an anxious time.

by some accounts, we have less than 3 years to figure out how we will save our precious home, our earth, life as we know it.

our demise will begin in the sea just as our birth began in the sea.

we made our mistakes, created institutions and systems to support frameworks of living that we now know are completely out of sync with the natural world.

we built damns that stopped the flows of rivers, punctured the earth and extracted wealth from the depth of the Pachamama’s soul.

we took what was not ours to take.

but we are survivors.

we are survivors because we are blessed with ingenuity. we are survivors because we are creative beings. we are survivors because we have the capacity for love.

we are anti-fragile. we have the ability to see in part, but also in whole.

like the earth that sustains us, we are in a constant state of flow. sometimes churning with more turbulence than we would like, but it is only through that turbulence, through that shifting of fixed ideals and practices, that we may grow.

we expand and contract but we then expand again. a beautiful expanding universe, woven with a fabric of collective consciousness.

i close my eyes and breathe in the earth. i swallow the sea.

the scent of change penetrates my body and i am filled with longing.

i waver throughout the day between hope to despair and back to hope again.

for we have no alternative but to hope.

it is time, this is our time.

the age of man. anthropocene enlightenment.

for the love of God

our earth, ourselves.