Children are like fresh globules of tantalizing rain

31 01 2014

 Children are like fresh globules of tantalizing rain;
 which spell bindingly descend in euphoric frenzy from 
fathomless carpets of glorious sky,
 Children are like innocuous tufts of cotton soaring 
ebulliently in handsome atmosphere; philandering in stupendous melody under carpets of gloriously blissful
 Children are like the pristine rays of Omnipotent Sun; 
profoundly illuminating one and all; with their
 vibrantly intriguing imagery; alike, 
Children are like the fairies of irrefutable truth
 dancing in the celestial heavens; with their 
immaculately divine consciences boundless kilometers 
away; from the despicable gutter of lies,
 Children are like ecstatically redolent roses brazenly 
swaying in the afternoon winds; unfurling into
 majestic artistry and overwhelmingly tangy 
boisterousness; as each second speedily zipped by, 
Children are like fulminating springs of rhapsodically 
untamed jubilation which erupt from the inner most
 core of earth; incessantly blooming into a paradise of
 new found energy; an insatiable euphoria to propel
 forward in life,
 Children are like united colors of the vivaciously 
radiant rainbow; embracing each other in compassionate 
cradles of humanity; entirely oblivious to the satanic
 vagaries of caste; creed; religion and spurious color,
 Children are like the resplendently milky beams of the
 innocent Moon; perennially twinkling in the 
unparalleled exuberance of discovery; indefatigably 
exploring all bountiful happiness so fantastically 
laden upon this colossal planet,
 Children are like voluptuously nimble blades of dew drop coated grass; profusely ringing in the whole some
 merriment of symbiotic existence; whistling past the
 meadows of inexplicably ghastly sorrow; with
 Omnipotent beauty in their tiny souls,
 Children are like scintillatingly majestic eagles 
soaring royally through the silken clouds;
 uninhibitedly kissing all goodness that confronted
 them in their way; on every step that they poignantly tread, 
Children are like angels of relentlessly philanthropic 
benevolence; donating even the most priceless of their
 possession; to their comrades in agonizing pain,
 Children are like the sparkle of seductively ethereal
 dawn; deluging every disastrously bereaved household;
 with the ingratiatingly timeless essence of joyously 
beautiful existence, Children are like steps leading to the sacrosanct 
Creator; unassailably fortifying your persona to face
 the deadliest of evil; as you clambered each foot 
 Children are like rambunctiously revered and bushy 
squirrels up in the foliated trees; eternally 
unfolding into insurmountable enthusiasm; leaping
 fleet- footedly to metamorphose beleaguered earth once
 again into an Omniscient paradise,
 Children are like unfathomable treasure hoves of
 captivating honey; oozing the ultimate sweetness of 
godly creation; with the incredulous ardor in their
 heavenly voice,
 Children are like charms of everlasting luck;
 magically transforming your despairingly deplorable
 survival; into a life replete with profusely endearing
 Children are like invincibly boundless mountains of 
faith; instilling Herculean courage in all those
 miserably dwindling; by just the unprecedented fervor
 of brilliant optimism; lingering enchantingly in the
 whites of their eyes,
 Children are like petals of Omnipresent prosperity;
 ubiquitously diffusing the spirit of happiness and
 immortal humanity; to every penuriously ailing entity on the trajectory of this endlessly glittering planet,
 And Children are like the supremely divine aura of
 Godhead; granting every benign desire in your heart to
 be perpetually true; the instant you held their
 beaming palms to frolic with them in the gardens of;
 unconquerable togetherness….

– Nikhil Parekh, Ahmedabad, India



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