Wise children: “The ant doesn’t know that there’s more than the patio here. He just keeps walking…”

3 02 2014

I ask you, my friends, not to condemn me entirely to the mill of mathematical calculations, and to allow me time for philosophical speculations, my only pleasures. – Johanes Kepler (1619)



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3 02 2014
Max Bleyleben

What a kid – incredible.

My quote of choice: “I would say that the meaning of your life is what you make it; what you want your life to be. Nobody can be decide what you will do, except for you. You have control over yourself. The odds may be against you but it’s never a definite no, that you cannot to do this. It may be predestined, but you can change that destiny. ”

“(Then again, I might be completely wrong….)”… 😉

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