FREE WILL: The Philosophical Implications of the Urge to Urinate

6 11 2014
Mummy: why are you out of bed again? its bed time.
Philomena: i have too pee.
Mummy: you just peed 5 min ago.
Philomena: well i have to pee again.
Mummy: well hurry up and get back to bed.
Luna: (2 minutes later): i have to pee too.
Mummy:no you don’t, Luna.
Luna: YES I DO!!!! i’ll have a bad dream if i don’t pee. you don’t want me to have a bad dream and wake you up at 3 in the morning do you?!

“For social scientists, the task of the experimental psychologist isn’t to settle once and for all whether we have free will, but rather to see whether people think they do. This is the study of “lay theory”—people’s convictions about the workings of the world.”